Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Suess Week - Suess Snack Mix

It's been a while since I have blogged. There has been a lot going on in my life over the last few months and to be honest, my creativity has been in a little slump. However, this week all of my creative juices came back as my kids celebrated Dr. Suess week. Actually, at school they only celebrated on Friday for Dr. Suess' birthday, but at our house it started on Monday. My kids (and myself) have ALWAYS loved Dr. Suess. Actually, one of the first books that I bought for Mary Chandler when I was pregnant with her was The Cat in the Hat! So . . . in celebration of Dr. Suess we decided to get creative!

We decided that our family would present a gift to Jackson's 1st grade class in honor of Dr. Suess. The first thing on the agenda was a special "Suess Snack Mix." I researched online and found a few things (recipes), but not exactly what I was looking for . . . so, I came up with my own! I decided that I would write a poem that gave specific items from some of our favorite Suess books and I would find snacks to coordinate with those items. I would toss them all together and create a "Special Suess Snack Mix." The poem was typed up and taped onto the container. This is the poem:

Letters make words and
words make Suess books,
Which ones you ask?
Well, let’s take a look!

Brown Bar-Ba-Loot Bears and
White truffula fruit
Make for some very yummy “Lorax” loot!

“One Fish, Two Fish” swim about,
while “Horton’s Egg” tries to hatch out!

“If I Ran a Zoo” I would have animals galore with a large
“Cat in a Hat” and many, many more!

Enjoy your treat and smile as you eat,
and be glad in this snack that I forgot the “Duck Feet”!

(The letters were Alpha Bits . . . Bar-ba-loot bears were Chocolate Teddy Grahams . . . White truffula fruit were mini marshmallows . . . One fish, two fish were colorful goldfish crackers . . . Horton's Egg was mini Robin's egg candies . . . If I ran a zoo were animal crackers . . . Cat in the hat was mini graham crackers dipped in white and red candy melts)

Then, we wrapped up a new copy of "I wish that I had Duck Feet" to donate to the classroom library.
For an extra treat, we decided to make each person in the class their very own "Cat in the Hat" marshmallow pop. We took two marshmallows and dipped the ends in red candy melts. When they were almost dry, we put them on sucker sticks so that they looked like the hats. Next, we put them in clear candy bags and tied them up with coordinating ribbons.

Once we were done with all of our treats, we loaded them all up in a gift basket and headed to Mrs. Emerson's class to give them their gift!