Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diddle's Wish List

Last night we went to see Santa and take him Mary Chandler and Jackson's Christmas list.  Diddle saw the photo when we got home and decided to make his own wish list and sit in "our" Santa's lap!   His list was quite interesting and the kids cracked up when they read it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Dasher and Dancer and Zhu Zhu Pet and Monster Truck??

The note left by Diddle this morning stated that last night at the North Pole Santa was doing a trial run hitching up the reindeer.  Diddle asked if he could ride in the sleigh, but Santa said there was no time.  Diddle decided that he would come back to our house and make his own sleigh and his own reindeer.  He settled on a red barbie car for his sleigh and zhu zhu pets and monster trucks for reindeer!  The kids giggled so loud when they saw their "elf Santa" waiting on the coffee table! 

Hello my fellow elves!!

So apparently our elf is friends with my friend Amy Faulkenberry's elf and they shared ideas while in the North Pole one night! (aka . . . this idea is stolen.)  Diddle left the kids a note and told them that while he was in the North Pole the night before that he realized that he was a little homesick and was missing his elf brothers and sisters.  He decided to make elf hats and put them on MC and Jack's portrait and appoint them honorary elves!  He said that would help him to not miss home so much!  The kids absolutely LOVED seeing this when they walked down the stairs that morning! 

Diddle says Hi

So on Sunday morning, Diddle showed up at MiMi and G-Daddy's house because the kids spent the night with them on Saturday night.  They found him in the kitchen baking cookies! Mimi is sending the photos, so they will come a little later.  On Monday morning, Diddle decided to dig into the candy jar and indulge in some M&M's.  Jackson had left a few out for him a few nights earlier to see if he would eat them and when they were gone the next day, Jack got super excited and decided that M&M's must be Diddle's favorite candy.  So, on Monday, Diddle was propped up by the candy jar covered in M&M's and he had spelled out the word "HI" with the candy. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Diddle and Elf Food

So on Friday morning the kids woke up and found Diddle in the kitchen where he had made himself a little snack of elf food!  He wrote to the kids that he had been really busy pranking them and he had forgotten how hungry he was!  Then, Diddle thanked them for buying special elf food for him.  He had found in the cabinet some mini pop-tart bites, Brownie Bites cereal, and Honey Nut Cheerio "elf doughnuts"  . . . ELF FOOD!!  He decided to prop himself up in an elf chair (aka- a Santa Claus wine bottle holder) and chow down! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Diddle finds a "picture machine"

I am so far behind on blogging Diddle's nightly romps, so here is the catch up!  On Thursday night, Diddle found a new "picture machine" in our kitchen and he decided to make some photos of himself.  He left a note telling the kids that they should try it sometime!  I am waiting to walk into the kitchen and catch Jack or Chan with their face in the copier! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diddle the Decorator

So last night Diddle wrote the kids a note saying that our tree was pretty boring and didn't have very much color. He decided that he would redecorate it for us by going into the sock drawer and gathering up all of the socks and gloves and tossing them all over the tree.  Next, Diddle decided to hop into a monkey sock and become one of the decorations for the night.  The kids were so excited when they came down the stairs and saw the "new" decorations!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Diddle's Photo Booth!

Diddle decided that he wanted to borrow my camera and set up a photo booth! He met some Barbies that wanted to join in the fun, so they gathered some props and got the stuffed animal Grinch to be their photographer. After taking some cute shots, they printed off their photo booth strips so that they could have a reminder of their night! They also wanted to share the fun, so they printed some "human sized" props and left them for MC and Jack to enjoy! 

"human sized" props and left them for MC and Jack to enjoy! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Diddle's Self Portrait

Well, today Diddle decided to pull out all of the paint supplies and paint a self-portrait!  He said that he loved all of the artwork that Mary Chandler and Jackson produced and he wanted to get in on the action!  He decided that he would paint a portrait of himself so that the kids would remember what he looked like after he had to return to the North Pole!  The kids LOVED it! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Diddle's Debut 2012

Well, he's Baaaaccccckkkk!!!  After much anticipation from my children.  Diddle has returned.  Jackson has been drawing pictures of him and writing him letters and telling random strangers that our elf should coming soon!  So, last night after reading The Elf on the Shelf book, Diddle returned.

He "borrowed" some of my wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, ribbon, a sharpie, and some scissors and created his own bulletin board on our fireplace.  He made a giant sign that said "I'm Back" and
and little bullet points that said things like "Santa says Hi."

 Then during the creation of the bulletin board, Diddle got tangled in the ribbon and that is where he hung all night until my children woke up this morning with squeals of excitement!

So, Diddle is back and is ready to wreck havoc in the Keels house!  If you'd like to follow the antics, check back on this blog daily!  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Keels and Diddle!