Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Super Diddle and Doughnut Diddle

Once again, I ended up getting tied up with Christmas comings and goings and have not had a chance to update the blog. So here are the last few days of updates from Diddle!

On Monday, the kids woke up to a letter from SUPER DIDDLE! He said that he was digging around in Jackson's closet and found the perfect super hero house. He said that he has always enjoyed playing dress up and super hero is one of his favorite things to play. Diddle was very excited to play in Batman's Cave and he even made his own super hero mask and cape! His message to the kids was to always do good and fight evil. He told them to always speak nicely to one another and to always remember the golden rule.

On Tuesday morning, we were in a hotel in Chapel Hill, NC. Diddle came to visit us and was in a Santa hat in the hotel room. However, we left before we could take any photos of him. Oh well . . . he was due for a paparazzi break!

Today, Diddle was SUPER excited! While we were in Chapel Hill yesterday, we stopped at Krispy Kreme on Franklin Street and ordered up a dozen holiday doughnuts to bring home. We ended up with 4 in the box by the end of the night. PLUS, we shared a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut milk shake. Oh. My. Goodness. It was heaven in a clear cup. You just have no idea how crazy good this gazillion calorie treat was to me. It was totally worth the calories. If your local KK has these, run . . . don't walk . . . and get one. You will not regret it. I digress . . .

So, Diddle was super jealous of our doughnut find and he said that there was no way the he could eat an entire doughnut, so he decided to make mini elf sized doughnuts. He used Fruit Loop and dipped them in melted white chocolate and covered them with sprinkles and colored sugar! Voila- Elf Doughnuts! Hope he enjoys his as much as we enjoyed ours!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diddle- Weekend Update!!!

So . . . the closer that we get to Christmas day, the busier I seem to get! Please forgive me for the lack of updates over the last few days. School parties, supper club, gift shopping, etc., etc. have kept me away from the computer. However, Diddle has been in full swing over the last few days, so here is his weekend update!

On Friday morning we found out that Diddle had a little run in with Mr. Grinch! Apparently, according to Diddle's note, when he got back from the North Pole, he saw Mr. Grinch trying to load up all of our gifts from under the tree into a bag! Diddle sprung into action to try and save all of the gifts by jumping on the Grinch. Unfortunately, the Grinch was bigger and stronger and he put Diddle in handcuffs and hung him upside down from our Christmas tree!!!

On Saturday morning, Diddle once again found himself at GaGa and PaPa's house. They live on a lake and Diddle said that seeing the lake made him think of one of his favorite hobbies- FISHING! Diddle said that he looked around the house and found all of the things that he needed to go fishing! He found a pole, a lure, some fishing line, and the perfect fishing hole! He said in his note that he wanted to remind Mary Chandler and Jackson that you always need to find time to have fun and relax! Hope Diddle caught some good ones!! Guessing he did not eat these for dinner!!

On Sunday morning, Diddle found himself in a new role - Indian Chief Diddle Wahoo! His note said that that he has always enjoyed playing dress up and one of his favorite things is playing Native American Dress Up! He found Mary Chandler's Cherokee project diorama in her room and decided that it would be fun to play the chief of the tribe! Diddle said that he loved to play and that there is a time for work and a time for play and he has been super excited to "play" at our house!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diddle takes a ride on the Polar Express

Well, this morning at our house was full of excitement and giggles. Today is Polar Express day at school and the kids got to wear their pajamas, take blankets and pillows and stuffed animals. Diddle was very excited about this day as well! His note said that he was very excited about Polar Express day and he really wished that he could go to school with the kids and take part in the excitement. Diddle said that he had been talking each night at the North Pole with Twinkle, the elf that lives in Jackson's classroom at school, and he was very jealous because of all of the fun things that they have planned. He decided that since he could not go enjoy the fun at school that he would make his own Polar Express day here at our house! He pulled out all of the toy trains, found some hot chocolate, and even found his own bell. Diddle believes! All aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Diddle remembers the Reason

On day 18, we found Diddle holding baby Jesus from the nativity scene in the hallway. His note was a very important one today. It was reminding Mary Chandler and Jackson that even though we have been having lots of holiday fun, that it is always important to stop and remember why we celebrate. Diddle's note said that he borrowed Mary Chandler's bible to reread the most exciting story ever told, Luke 2: 1-20. He wanted to remind them that it is important to take a moment throughout all of the hustle and bustle of December to just stop and remember Him. To just stop and remember that the little baby in the manger is the reason for the season. I think that Diddle's message is important for everyone to remember . . . Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diddle trapped in the wrap

Diddle found himself in a sticky situation on day 17. Apparently, he decided to be helpful and wanted to assist me with my Christmas wrapping. It ended up being an epic fail. Mary Chandler and Jackson found him tangled in paper, packing tape, and red curling ribbon! He said in his note that a long time ago when he was just a young 137 year old elf, that he worked for a few days in Santa's wrapping department. He said that he ended up getting fired from that job and after his failed wrapping attempt at our house, he totally understood why he was fired. He admitted that wrapping just was not his thing. He said that Santa was not mad at him because all Santa ever wants him to do is to try his best, even if it ends in a failed attempt. Then, he ended up telling the kids to always try their best! Thanks for the life lesson, Diddle!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 16- Diddle gives Kisses (ish)

On Day 16 Diddle decided to raid the kitchen cabinets and make some treats for the kids to take to school. He said in his note that he wanted to do something sweet for the kids and teachers in Mary Chandler and Jackson's class. Diddle said that he loved kids and if he could that he would give everyone of them a kiss! So, he did the next best thing and he made candy cane pretzel kisses for MC and Jack to take to school! The recipe is very tasty and is also very easy, so he would like to share it below.

* Diddle's Candy Cane Pretzel Kisses *

Take a cookie sheet or baking pan and spread out a layer of pretzels. Next, take candy cane Hershey kisses and place them on top of the pretzel. Put them in the oven at 300 degrees for 2 minutes. (Until the kisses look glossy) Remove them from the oven and place another pretzel on top. Put in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes until they harden and voila- Kisses for everyone!!!

Also, he explained why there was no note yesterday. He said that he had spent all night parachuting from the top of the stairs down to the bottom, but during one of his flights, the heat kicked on and one of the vents shifted his path and he landed on the ceiling fan and got stuck! That is why he didn't leave a note, because he could not get down!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 15- Diddle takes flight with an underwear parachute

Well, Day 15 seems to be an exciting one for Diddle. The kids came downstairs this morning and found Diddle flying around on the ceiling fan. He had constructed a parachute out of a pair of Jackson's underwear! He didn't leave a note this morning. We are assuming it was because he got stuck on the ceiling fan. I am sure that he will explain why in his note tonight. When Mary Chandler and Jackson saw Diddle enjoying his ride they began laughing uncontrollably! What a wonderful way to start the day- with a house full of joy and laughter! Thank you, Diddle!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 14- Diddle takes a road trip to GaGa and Papa's

Diddle came to a different place on day 14. Jackson and Mary Chandler spent the night at GaGa and Papa's house and that meant that Diddle would have to come there this morning. I could not wait to see what he was able to get into there! Seems like he found some fun activities. According to the email that I got from GaGa today, Diddle loves golf! GaGa and Papa have a "golf room"/ office at their house and that is where Diddle was found this morning. Seems that Diddle became friends with Troy (the doll from High School Musical) and they borrowed Sharpay's golf cart and Troy took Diddle to the golf room to play a few rounds! I think that he is a big fan of golf now!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Really???? Candy Houses????

On Day 13 we found Diddle in the kitchen. He was sitting smack in the middle of Jackson's gingerbread house and was chowing down on an icing covered twizzler. His note proved that he was a little misguided on where the gingerbread house came from and why it was there! Jackson made the gingerbread house at school and we were able to bring it home to add to our kitchen holiday decorations. However, apparently Diddle thought that the house was custom built for him!! His note said, "Really??? An Elf house made of candy just for me??? Jackson, you really should not have gone through so much trouble to build me such a great house! I LOVE this and I may never leave! Who knew that you could make houses out of candy? So clever!!" He went on to say that he had been nibbling all night on the sweet house and that he was VERY excited about Mary Chandler and Jackson spending the night at their GaGa and Papa's house tonight. He said that he LOVED their house because there is so much to get into! I can't wait to see what he does at their house!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Diddle needs a doctor

Diddle is so very sick. On day 12, the events of the last week and a half finally caught up with him. His note said that South Carolina weather has been crazy and that 65 degree days in Moore during the day and below zero temps at the North Pole at night have taken a toll on his immune system. He came back last night with a fever and a terrible cold. He cuddled up on the couch with a fleece blanket, a roll of toilet paper for his runny nose (he fussed at us for being out of Kleenex), some peppermint for his sore throat, and loads of medicine. He said he plans on napping and watching his favorite movie, "Elf" today. Hope he feels better soon . . .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Well, it seems that the time that Diddle spent in jail and the long trek across the "great frontier" into the kitchen for "Project Smores for Peace" really wore him out! He really needed some alone relaxation time on Day 11. So he decided to make a boat out of a tin loaf pan, grab a frosty cold glass of kool-aid, his sunglasses, some reading material, Barbie's radio, and off he set sail in the bathtub! Hopefully he will be relaxed by day's end!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Diddle the Elf: Peace offering in the form of Smores

On Day 10, Woody decided to free Diddle from his jail. Diddle's note said that Woody finally realized that the whole hat incident was a major misunderstanding and he decided to release him from jail. Diddle then decided that he would like to extend a peace offering to Woody and so they loaded up on Bulls-Eye and rode off in search of the great frontier (also know as the kitchen) where Diddle whipped up some Smores. I mean, come on . . . who doesn't love SMORES??? Woody was pleased with the gesture and now the two guys are great buddies! The Smores proved to be a bit messy . . . check out all that marshmallow on their faces!