Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 14- Diddle takes a road trip to GaGa and Papa's

Diddle came to a different place on day 14. Jackson and Mary Chandler spent the night at GaGa and Papa's house and that meant that Diddle would have to come there this morning. I could not wait to see what he was able to get into there! Seems like he found some fun activities. According to the email that I got from GaGa today, Diddle loves golf! GaGa and Papa have a "golf room"/ office at their house and that is where Diddle was found this morning. Seems that Diddle became friends with Troy (the doll from High School Musical) and they borrowed Sharpay's golf cart and Troy took Diddle to the golf room to play a few rounds! I think that he is a big fan of golf now!


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