Thursday, December 1, 2011

** Do NOT Disturb **

On day 5, Diddle, the Elf on the Shelf was POOPED! He left the kids a note saying that he was exhausted from staying up all night at the North Pole Party the night before. He said that flying to the North Pole and staying up all night playing Reindeer games was just too much to handle and he needed to get some much needed rest. So . . . he borrowed a bed and some blankets from Barbie and snuggled up by the cozy fire to get some rest! He also made a "sleeping mask" from a rubber band and construction paper. Lastly, he borrowed a night table from Barbie as well as a lamp and a tea cup (in case he needed a little sip of warm tea to soothe him). He also made a sign that said "Do Not Disturb" so that the kids would not be loud when they found him this morning. Mary Chandler and Jack LOVED it! Their favorite part of the letter was the P.S. at the bottom that said, "Your friend Barbie was so nice to let me borrow a bed and some blankets and pillows so that I could rest all comfy! (She's cute too! :-) )" Who knows . . . maybe Diddle and Barbie will go on a date soon?!?!?!?!!?!


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