Friday, December 2, 2011

Diddle wuz Here

Day 7 was the day that Diddle became a graffiti artist on my REFRIGERATOR!! Diddle's note said that he loved watching my kids draw and he wanted to be an artist as well. So . . . he found a cup of dry erase markers and in his opinion, " a REALLY HUGE" dry erase board. Next, Diddle went to work creating a big display of elf graffiti in which he expressed his new found love for Barbie, his self portrait, a quote from Buddy the Elf (that Diddle decided to take credit for by scratching out Buddy's name and writing his own), and other scribbles and squiggles as well. Diddle was busted on the handle of the fridge with a dry erase marker in hand. Sure hope it cleans off easily! :-)


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