Monday, December 5, 2011

Wanted: Diddle the Elf (Wanted for stealing Sheriff Woody's Cowboy Hat)

Well, Day 9 proved to be a real doozie for Diddle. According to his note to Mary Chandler and Jackson, he came back from the North Pole and decided to dig through Jackson's closet to find something fun to play with for a little while. He said that he found a very cool cowboy hat sitting on the floor and decided to put it on to see how it looked on him. Then, out of nowhere, Sheriff Woody and the Round-Up Gang and friends began chasing him and accusing him of stealing Woody's cowboy hat! Then they arrested him and put him in Woody's jail. His note to the kids asked them to please explain to Woody that he just wanted to be their friend and that he would NEVER steal anything because everyone knows that stealing is wrong! Hopefully by the day's end Diddle will be free!


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