Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diddle- Weekend Update!!!

So . . . the closer that we get to Christmas day, the busier I seem to get! Please forgive me for the lack of updates over the last few days. School parties, supper club, gift shopping, etc., etc. have kept me away from the computer. However, Diddle has been in full swing over the last few days, so here is his weekend update!

On Friday morning we found out that Diddle had a little run in with Mr. Grinch! Apparently, according to Diddle's note, when he got back from the North Pole, he saw Mr. Grinch trying to load up all of our gifts from under the tree into a bag! Diddle sprung into action to try and save all of the gifts by jumping on the Grinch. Unfortunately, the Grinch was bigger and stronger and he put Diddle in handcuffs and hung him upside down from our Christmas tree!!!

On Saturday morning, Diddle once again found himself at GaGa and PaPa's house. They live on a lake and Diddle said that seeing the lake made him think of one of his favorite hobbies- FISHING! Diddle said that he looked around the house and found all of the things that he needed to go fishing! He found a pole, a lure, some fishing line, and the perfect fishing hole! He said in his note that he wanted to remind Mary Chandler and Jackson that you always need to find time to have fun and relax! Hope Diddle caught some good ones!! Guessing he did not eat these for dinner!!

On Sunday morning, Diddle found himself in a new role - Indian Chief Diddle Wahoo! His note said that that he has always enjoyed playing dress up and one of his favorite things is playing Native American Dress Up! He found Mary Chandler's Cherokee project diorama in her room and decided that it would be fun to play the chief of the tribe! Diddle said that he loved to play and that there is a time for work and a time for play and he has been super excited to "play" at our house!


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