Friday, December 9, 2011

Really???? Candy Houses????

On Day 13 we found Diddle in the kitchen. He was sitting smack in the middle of Jackson's gingerbread house and was chowing down on an icing covered twizzler. His note proved that he was a little misguided on where the gingerbread house came from and why it was there! Jackson made the gingerbread house at school and we were able to bring it home to add to our kitchen holiday decorations. However, apparently Diddle thought that the house was custom built for him!! His note said, "Really??? An Elf house made of candy just for me??? Jackson, you really should not have gone through so much trouble to build me such a great house! I LOVE this and I may never leave! Who knew that you could make houses out of candy? So clever!!" He went on to say that he had been nibbling all night on the sweet house and that he was VERY excited about Mary Chandler and Jackson spending the night at their GaGa and Papa's house tonight. He said that he LOVED their house because there is so much to get into! I can't wait to see what he does at their house!!


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