Sunday, December 4, 2011

Won't you guide my sleigh tonight??

On day 8, Diddle decided to play a trick on the kids while they were sleeping! I had been painting earlier in the evening and "accidentally left" my paint on the coffee table. Diddle took the red paint and snuck upstairs and painted the kids noses while they were sleeping. Then, he perched himself against the red paint bottle with the paint brush and waited for the kids to wake up. He left a very funny note telling the kids to go look in the mirror and referencing that Santa may need them to "guide his sleigh tonight". They laughed so much when they saw their red noses!!

(Needless to say, this picture was taken IMMEDIATELY after they woke up. Please ignore the bed head! Also, Jackson apparently rubbed some of his red nose off during his sleep. Oh well . . . he got the point!)


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