Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diddle trapped in the wrap

Diddle found himself in a sticky situation on day 17. Apparently, he decided to be helpful and wanted to assist me with my Christmas wrapping. It ended up being an epic fail. Mary Chandler and Jackson found him tangled in paper, packing tape, and red curling ribbon! He said in his note that a long time ago when he was just a young 137 year old elf, that he worked for a few days in Santa's wrapping department. He said that he ended up getting fired from that job and after his failed wrapping attempt at our house, he totally understood why he was fired. He admitted that wrapping just was not his thing. He said that Santa was not mad at him because all Santa ever wants him to do is to try his best, even if it ends in a failed attempt. Then, he ended up telling the kids to always try their best! Thanks for the life lesson, Diddle!


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