Monday, December 3, 2012

Diddle's Debut 2012

Well, he's Baaaaccccckkkk!!!  After much anticipation from my children.  Diddle has returned.  Jackson has been drawing pictures of him and writing him letters and telling random strangers that our elf should coming soon!  So, last night after reading The Elf on the Shelf book, Diddle returned.

He "borrowed" some of my wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, ribbon, a sharpie, and some scissors and created his own bulletin board on our fireplace.  He made a giant sign that said "I'm Back" and
and little bullet points that said things like "Santa says Hi."

 Then during the creation of the bulletin board, Diddle got tangled in the ribbon and that is where he hung all night until my children woke up this morning with squeals of excitement!

So, Diddle is back and is ready to wreck havoc in the Keels house!  If you'd like to follow the antics, check back on this blog daily!  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Keels and Diddle!


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