Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why my Clemson Tigers are already winners!!

So tonight feels a bit like Christmas Eve.  There is that little nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach as I try to go to sleep.  Everywhere I went today in Greenville there were orange clad individuals roaming the stores, orange and white flags flying on cars, billboards and signs on businesses filled with good luck messages.  There was a buzz in the air.  Tomorrow, I have no doubt that the feeling will just intensify.  Tomorrow a champion will be crowned.  College football will be finished for the year.

Now, I wish that I could write this and say that I'm not worried, that I feel confident that my Clemson Tigers will crush Alabama.  Unfortunately, that would be a lie.  I'm worried; but I was worried before every game this season.  I paced the floors before and during the game if I was watching at home.  If I was at Death Valley, I was pinching the arm of those beside me and watching with one eye open.  But each and every time, we prevailed.  Each and every time we walked away a winner!  Fourteen times; we won.  Now, as tomorrow draws near, I pray that we walk away with the trophy.  I pray that we get to wear the championship caps and spray the champagne and dance.  We love to dance!  But tomorrow will not define our season.  We are already winners.  This season has been special.  I am so proud of the accomplishments and the leadership of this team.  There has never been a more exciting time to be a tiger!  Do I want another National Championship trophy to head back to Clemson, SC?  Absolutely!  Will all be lost if we don't win?  Not a chance!  Forever and Always....Go Tigers!!


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