Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

This week is teacher appreciation week. I had every intention of doing something every single day for the teachers, but things got crazy and I missed day one and two. I will make it up next week though. Anyway, on day three I sent a bag of peppermints with a cute tag that said "You were 'Mint' to teach. I took pictures and then I lost them. :-( Long story, but I had to buy a new computer earlier this week, so I downloaded the pictures to it, erased the memory card and then within a 36 hour period it crashed- TWICE! Obviously, it went back to Costco. Along with my pictures. Boo. Anyway, on day three I sent a copy of the Rachel Ray EveryDay Magazine with a tag that read "Thanks for teaching me new things 'EveryDay' . . . You are the best!" It was very cute as well. Wish you guys could have seen it. Sigh. On a brighter note, I got a new computer and was able to download pictures of my day five gift! Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream Icing. YUMMMMMM!
I found the recipe at the PRECIOUS blog Skip to My Lou and then I went to Publix and purchased three of the clear plastic cupcake containers. At $.75 per container, it is a no brainer- PERFECT for gift giving. Then I downloaded the FREE cupcake toppers at Lauren McKinsey Designs. If you don't know about this site- go there. Immediately. She has some adorable things!
Last, I downloaded the cute note card from and altered it a little bit in Publisher to list the name of the cupcake creations. The final step was digging through my ribbon collection and tying them up all "pretty" for presentation! I hope that the teachers will like them!


Christina said...

Very cute! Great idea to buy the plastic containers at the grocery store. Was there enough room to close even with the toppers?

Jessica said...

Yes! I did have to cut the end of the sticks by about 1/2 inch with wire cutters, but then they fit perfectly!

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